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Born New Zealand, 1965.

Studied at Central St Martin's School of Art and London
Guildhall University graduating in 1997.

Recently, my work has focussed on the natural world and the human relationships with it. The landscape can be a place of sanctuary or isolation. A place to hide or contemplate.

I have used forests, farmland, and urban allotments as settings - often for heroic or mythical figures - or simply rearranged natural elements within the space to create a sense of solitude and unease.


Exhibitions and Awards

    • 2017 Discerning Eye Exhibition

    • 2014 Art Gemini

    • 2000-2013 Mixed Shows and Private Commissions

    • 2001, 2003 and 2005 Solo Exhibitions 

    • 2000-2013 Art Fairs in the UK and America

    • 1999 Solo Exhibition Jill George Gallery

    • 1998 Brussels Art Fair

    • 1998 Solo Exhibition Evelyn de Bier Gallery Brussels

    • 1997 Rowley Painting Prize at Guildhall University Whitechapel

    • 1996 and 1998 Exhibited at the Whitechapel Open

              Represented in Saatchi Collection and with various collectors in Europe and US

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